NMC CO2 laser marking machine
CK-U Fiber laser marking machine
CO2, Fiber, Green, UV scan head and galvanometer
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end-pump/ fiber high speed laser machine
CK-UFBE-3W fiber end-pumped laser marker with a wide range of applications, which are particularly easy to integrate and to maintain. Our laser making machine allows for cost-effective marking solutions with excellent results and ensure maximum operating efficiency in the long run. Features:
laser marking card, laser engraving card, laser etching card, PMC2 laser control card
l  Dimension: 160mmx102mm l  Communication port:PCI l  Power supply: DC5V3A l  Simulated DSP(FPGA)processor chip l  Support digital galvanometer and compliant with XY2-100protocol l  16bits positioning resolution l  Genera
offline YAG/Fiber laser marking machine (CR-RPO-3W)
Provide 16 files and 1024 drawings for offline marking. 5ns pulse width to come out better marking effect than fiber laserOperation is simple and easy.The best selection for purchasing 2nd laser marking machine.

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Chainko Enterprise Co. Ltd.,company is professional on laser marking control systems, scan head, chassis, turnkey solution design and production, in particular the development of on-the-fly laser coder accumulated years of practical experiences, now we are going to introduce the production and sales of central -laser series laser coder, and provides ODM (Customized design and production) services for customers. Our main products include: NMC-S embedded laser marking controller, MarkingMate laser marking software, High speed precision CO2, Fiber, Green, UV scan head and lens, CENTRAL-LASER laser marker and coder, such as CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, Green/ UV laser marking machine, ODM laser marker and coder, Workbench and lifter accessories.


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